Buy ASTERIX Toolkit Professional!

ASTERIX Toolkit has two different editions: Lite & Professional. Here is a comparsion of different editions.

The Lite edition is free, but can only be used for non-commercial purpose, advanced features are not accessable in lite edition.

The Professional edition can be used for commercial purpose, and all advanced features are accessable without limitation.

You will get free upgrade after purchasing the professional license.

The price is USD 99.95 per license (see "Pracing Options").

We need your name (person or organization), address, and MAC address (up to two per license), and include them into your license file. Please send email to after payment.

We will send your license key by email after receiving your payment and registration infomation.

If you need an invoice, please send email to after payment.

We accept PayPal and AliPay for the payment.


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MAC address of host PC
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