ASTERIX Toolkit Professional

Item Price VAT Note
ASTERIX Toolkit Professional Edition USD 99.95 Included Click here to buy
ASTERIX Toolkit Lite Edition FREE N/A Click here for more information

libasterix SDK

Item Price VAT Note
libasterix SDK Binary USD 899.00 6% Click here to buy
libasterix SDK Source Code USD 7499.00 6% Contact us for more information

Sky Observer

Item Price VAT Note
Sky Observer Professional Edition USD 799.95 6%  

Note: Sky Observer is now under beta test, and is free to use.

OEM & Customization

We are very open for any OEM and customization in our product. And actually we had quite a few references on providing our product as part of customer’s solution, or developing features and functions according to customer’s specific requirements.

For more discussion, please contact us.