ASTERIX Toolkit Edition Comparison

ASTERIX Toolkit has two different editions: Lite & Professional.

The following table shows a comparison of features available in different editions.

Lite Professional
ASTERIX Data Recording & Playback
Data recording Yes Yes
Mono channel playback Yes Yes
Multi channel playback No Yes
UDP unicast/multicast/broadcast Yes Yes
TCP client Yes Yes
TCP server No Yes
Async RS232 Yes Yes
HDLC No Yes (Need special hardware)
ASTERIX Data Decode & Analysis
Load data from file Yes Yes
Tree view Yes Yes
Track view Yes Yes
Filter (expression based) Yes Yes
Filter (Lua script based) No Yes
Data analysis tool Limited types of analysis Full
Data export XML Yes Yes
Data export C/C++ struct Yes Yes
Data export CSV/Excel No Yes
Data export KML No Yes
Supported File Format
Native XML Yes Yes
tcpdump/Wireshark pcap Yes Yes
Raw data Yes Yes
Property format No Yes
Property format No Yes
File format conversion Limited formats All supported formats
UAP (User Application Profile)
Standard (common version) Yes Yes
Standard (rarelly used version) No Yes
Property No Yes
SDK & Development
ASTERIX decode SDK No See libasterix
Aeronautical database No Contact for more info
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